Leroy Pearl Carman

B. Jul 14, 1890 D. Apr 21, 1930


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Citations: Letter from Kenneth K Carman-info

Leory Pearl Carman was born on Jul 14, 1890 in Greenfield, Ohio to William Henry Carman and Lydia Alma Ross. Leory was 1 of 9 known children. He married Luella Blakeman on Jun 02 1909 in Wayne Twnsp, Highland County, Ohio.

Story goes as follows per daughter-in-law Ethel. Pearl was driving a car with friends in it and they asked him to stop at a gas station so that they could go in and buy something. Unknown to him they were doing a robbery. Police captured all of them including Pearl. Pearl tried to explain that he did not know what his so called friends were up to but the judge said that it did not matter because it was his car and he was the driver, the judge considered them all quilty. Pearl was required to stay in prison a short time but Pearl died that year in a prison fire on Apr 21, 1930.