Samuel Caplinger O'Neal

B. Jul 25, 1818   D. Sep 18, 1910


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Citations: Barbara Moore-photo, Harvey, Violet, Robert, Cleva, and Ernest O'Neal-information

Samuel Caplinger O'Neal was born July 25, 1818 to James Mullen O'Neal and Nancy Elizabeth Caplinger in Wilson Couny Tennessee. Samuel was the first of nine children born between 1818 and 1840. The 1820 Census has the O'Neal family living in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee.

The family starting their move to Illinois stopping in Henderson County, Tennessee. By 1840 the family was living in South Division, Marshall County, Mississippi.

On Jan 6, 1842 Samuel married Nancy "Biddy" Caroline Jernigan, of Missouri, in Holly Springs, Marshall County, Mississippi. They had 7 children from 1844 to 1861 all born in Williamson County, Illinois. We have records of them between Crab Orchard , Marion, and Pleasant Grove Williamson County. Which is basically all the same location. TO view his wife and childres click on their name.

They moved to Williamson County around 1843-1844 where they started there family. In the 1850 Census Samuel and wife were living in Williamson County, Illinois with there first two children.

Samuel's wife Biddy died Aug 06, 1864 in Crab Orcahrd, Williamson County, Illinois. On Sept 05, 1865 in Marion, Williamson County, Illinois Samuel married Mary Caroline Simms. Samuel had 6 more children with Mary all born in Pleasant Grove, Williamson County, Illinois beween 1866 to 1874 info on names below. Samuel lived out the rest of his life with Mary and died Sept 18, 1910 in Crab Orchard, Williamson County, Illinois. He is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery next to 2nd wife Mary. His first wife "Biddy" is also buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

  • Nancy Caroline Jernigan children
  • Sarah Ella O'Neal     (B. Abt 1842   D. XXX XX, XXXX)   (M. XXX XX, XXXX)   No Find-A-Grave
    Nancy Elizabeth O'Neal     (B. Feb 18, 1844    D. Nov 15, 1846)   (M. XXX XX, XXX)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
    Mary Francis O'Neal     (B. Aug 22, 1846    D. May 02, 1922)   (M. Feb 19, 1863)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
    Martha Jane O'Neal     (B. Feb 25, 1849    D. Jan 18, 1919)   (M. Oct 11, 1866)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
    William F O'Neal     (B. Mar 18, 1852    D. Sep 03, 1934)   (M. Apr 23, 1876)   Find-A-Grave Plot only
    James Monroe O'Neal     (B. May 10, 1855    D. Dec 07, 1912)   (M. Apr 28, 1875)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
    Harriett Ellen O'Neal     (B. Sep 16, 1859    D. Jan 27, 1946)   (M. XXX XX, XXXX)   No Find-A-Grave
    Laura Ann O'Neal     (B. Dec 19, 1861    D. Nov 23, 1927)   (M. Jul 14, 1878)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
  • Mary Caroline Simms childred
  • Mettie Demariss O'Neal     (B. Sep 11, 1866    D. Jul 15, 1957)   (M. XXX XX, XXXX)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
    Sarah Ella O'Neal     (B. Nov 10, 1867    D. Oct 02, 1901)   (M. Oct 17, 1888)   No Find-A-Grave
    Ida Mae O'Neal     (B. Feb 12, 1869    D. Aug 22, 1953)   (M. Sep 30, 1905)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
    Theodore O'Neal     (B. Jul 07, 1870    D. Mar 23, 1956)   (M. XXX XX, XXXX)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
    Samuel Minton O'Neal     (B. Dec 10, 1871    D. Dec 28, 1947)   (M. XXX XX, XXXX)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
    Ferninand E O'Neal     (B. Jan 21, 1874    D. Jan 10, 1938)   (M. Aug 28, 1901)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone