William Martin O'Neal

B. Sep 05, 1831 D. Dec 09, 1910


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William Martin O'Neal was 6th of 9 children to James Mullen and Nancy Elizabeth Caplinger O'Neal. He was born on Sep 5, 1831 in Wilson County, Tennessee. He moved with his parents to Henderson County, Tennessee and then to Marshall, Mississippi. The family moved to Marion, Williamson County, Illinois where he married Sarah Catherine Pulley on Nov 05, 1857. William and his family started there move to Taney County, Missouri after 1865 when his father passed away stopping in Jasper County, Missouri for about 20 years. They bought land in Taney County, Missouri which is part of the Ozark now. The O'Neal homestead is just about 30 yards south of the O'Neal Cemetery, which is in the Ozark state park. I've been to the cemetery which William and Sarah are buried and there is only 4 tombstones in the cemetery but about 30 or more unmarked graves. The Cemetery is a little worn down and we are going to try to get it cleaned up with help of Leslie Wyman who is part of line of O'Neal. The homestead still has the a couple stone walls of the cellar but nothing else. William Martin lived the rest of his life at the homestead until he passed away on Dec 9, 1910. Sarah passed before his on Jan 18, 1904. The land was given to the Ozark National Park. To get the cemetery and homestead you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle with high ground clearance due to the road goes through a river bed. The homestead faced the river and the house was about 15 yards off the river bed.

Clarinda O'Neal     (B. Aug 11, 1858   D. Jul 19, 1949)   (M. Nov 17, 1875)   Find-A-Grave Plot only
Leonard Hall O'Neal     (B. Feb 05, 1860    D. May 30, 1838)   (M. Sep 01, 1890)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
Easter Jane O'Neal     (B. Mar 18, 1861    D. Jan 26, 1926)   (M. Nov 23, 1875)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
Elizabeth O'Neal     (B. Oct 17, 1863    D. Feb 14, 1926)   (M. Oct 20, 1881)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
Sarah O'Neal     (B. Oct 17, 1863   D. XXX XX, XXXX)   (M. XXX XX, XXXX)   No Find-A-Grave
Betsy O'Neal     (B. XXX XX, 1865    D. XXX XX, XXXX)   (M. XXX XX, XXX)   No Find-A-Grave
William Jackson O'Neal     (B. Feb 23, 1866    D. XXX XX, XXXX)   (M. Feb 19, 1863)   No Find-A-Grave
John Daniel O'Neal     (B. Apr 14, 1870    D. Jul 02, 1940)   (M. Jun 03, 1891)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
James Burl O'Neal     (B. Dec 10, 1871   D. Bef 1880)   (M. XXX XX, XXXX)   No Find-A-Grave
Mahala Alice O'Neal     (B. Aug 14, 1873    D. May 25, 1933)   (M. Sep 14, 1890)(M. Sep 03, 1899)&   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
Martin O'Neal     (B. Nov 26, 1879    D. Mar 12, 1916)   (M. Nov 01, 1902)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
Thomas O'Neal     (B. Nov 26, 1879    D. Nov 25, 1928)   (M. Jan 29, 1898)   Find-A-Grave Tombstone
Henry Logan O'Neal     (B. Aug 07, 1884    D. XXX XX, XXXX)   (M. XXX XX, XXXX)   No Find-A-Grave