William Pulley

B. ABT. 1733 D. ABT. 1790

"No Find-a-grave"

"Birth" "Census" "Marriage" "Military" "Land" "Obits" "Death"

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From: Barbara
Date: Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 6:26 PM
Subject: Pulley Lineage

Hi Carmen,
Always glad to meet a relative. And thank you for accepting all my edits.

My Ancestry tree and the FAG site work hand in hand with placing people where they belong. Your Pulley relatives are far out on my tree but most of them are there. We all came from the first known Pulley to come to America, Adam Pulley, Sr 1764-1857 and his wife Nancy Delong. His father was George Pulley 1740- and his wife Hester Jackson, but they stayed in England.

I have not linked the exact connection of your Pulleys but I do know this. I have William Pulley and Margaret Lawrence on my tree. I also have Sarah Baker who your web site says is your connection. This is complicated, but Adam was my 3rd great grandfather, one of many sons was James D Pulley, my 2nd great grandfather, and with one of his 3 wives, James had my great grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Pulley, Sr, and with one of Thomas' 3 wives, he had my grandfather, who had my father, who had me. The children of Sarah Baker and William Pulley are all on my tree, as well as the children from his first marriage to Mahala Franklin.

I think at some point your Pulleys came from another of Adams' sons. I have William Jr ( Sarah Baker) with father William Sr (Martha Thompson), and his father William Isaac (Margaret Lawrence), and his factor Spettle Pulley (Sarah Holnes), and his father William Pulley 1667-1738 (Mary Catherine Conrad). I have so many hints on my tree that I haven't followed. Somewhere there is the connection to Adam. I have 127,603 hints to follow for people on my tree. I leave most of those to my daughter and granddaughter who will be taking over my tree at some point. I have them in training now. LOL. I am mainly concerned with my 34,600 + people on my tree, with 646 of them Pulleys, of getting the parents, spouses and children correct.

Sorry to take so much of your time with this. We are related but after you read all this, you might not want to be relatives with me. I am talkative. 74 years old and still kicking. Most of the other surnames you mention are not on my tree, so you probably branch off through a marriage. I found out I was related to my first husband, who died in Vietnam. His 3rd great grandmother and my 3rd great grandmother were aunt and niece. We are all related. My virtual flowers sometimes say family member because my relationship is over the top, like the William who married Margaret Lawrence. He is the paternal grandfather of husband of sister-in-law of my 2nd great grand uncle. I think your line comes from another of Adams sons, John Pulley 1804-1860 (Phebe Reba Franklin). Be careful with the John Pulleys. One was born in1802 and died in 1860. The other is above- 1804-1860. Different fathers and mothers. I see them mixed up on lots of trees out there, although both belong on our tree. Contact me anytime with questions or whatever. My tree is private, but I will answer all questions from relatives. Barbara