John Carman

B. My 08, 1633 D. Sep 14, 1684

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Citations:Internet Genealogies of Long Island Families by C.J.Werner-John Carman-info

John Carman II was a miller of grain, a sawmill operator, and prob. a farmer too (REC 65:115 & HTR vol. 1&2). A mill of his stood on the west side of Hicks Neck (HTR 8:365). He acted as a Townsmen of Hempstead in 1663 (HTR 1:131) John-2 Carman's last will, dated 1684 and prov. same year. he dir Caleb-3 and John-3 to manage his Brother Joshua's estate, if he wished; Mentions dau. Abigail; two eldest sons John and Caleb (executors) were to receive the field called "Tylsum" (Toilsome?); son Benjamin-3 was to receive the house formerly belonging to "Latten" and "the old field at the south"; sons Joshua-3 and Joseph-3 (minors) who were to have his grinding and sawing mills upon their majorities, the mills to be run meanwhile by John & Caleb; sons Samuel & Thomas who were to have the meadow next to the lot formerly Jacksons (these sons were doubtless minors too). The overseer of the will was Samuel Emory (Embree doubtless) and John Pine (REC 65:115)". In 1714 ref. was made to "Capt. John Carman, dec.". John-3 (his son) was liv. 1720 (bro. Caleb-3's will), was a Capt.... quite possible that the 1714 note was an error." - "John-1 Carman of Hempstead, Long Island and some of his descendants thru his son John-2", Henry Alanson Tredwell Jr, Brooklyn, NY, August 1946. After the death of his mother in 1660/61, John2 Carman, Caleb Carman and Benjamin Coe (husband of Abigail Carman) sue John Hicks in court to recover for their brother, Joshua Carman, the estate of their father which had passed to John Hicks when he married their widowed mother. "... This land is assumed to be the area known briefly as Fordham's necke, later to be Hicke's necke (because John Hicks now owned the property of John Carman), and later to become Baldwin Harbor. John Hicks appears to have lost most of the property in the suit. Because of this law suit John Hicks has a pre-nuptial agreement made between him and his third wife , Rachell Starr." - The Early History of Hempstead, L. I., by Charles B. Moore, Long Island Source Records, from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, p.580.
"Will says eldest son John, Caleb2, dau. Abigail, son Benjamin, sons Samuel and Thomas, to have the land that lies near Robert Jackson's younger sons Joshua and Joseph. Brother Joshua's property to be taken care of for him, he to live with John and Caleb if he wishes to. Sons John and Caleb executors." - "Genealogies of Long Island, compiled by Mary Powell Bunker, p.165.
"In 1682, John Carman, sen., John Carman, jnr., and Caleb Carman, agree to pay Jeremy Hobart, the minister, yearly during the time we live under his ministry: John, sen. L2, John, jnr. 10 shilling, and Caleb 10 shilling." - "Genealogies of Long Island, compiled by Mary Powell Bunker, p.164
18 March 1686, In Confirmation of a bargain made between John Carman and John Tredwell, said Carman's sons, John and Caleb of Hempstead, conveyed to John Treadwell by deed... certain meadow lands lying "in ye Est fli" of Hick's Neck, bounded by a creek on the east side; and, at the same time in furtherance of said bargain, John Treadwell conveyed to the two Carman grantors, 17 acres of meadow lands on Hick's Neck, bounded easterly , by Robert Jackson's land, and on the north by land of the said John and Caleb; also one acre off the south end of John Treadwell's fresh meadow - New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. II, p379.
John married about 1656 in Hempstead Hannah _____. The Seaman Genealogy states she was Hannah Seaman. Seaman Genealogy also contends it is from the line of the 6th daughter of Captain John Seaman 'that Great Adam Carman was born'. For this to be, all other facts being true, she would have to have been a Seaman. Others are not so sure of her surname, but her given name was undisputedly Hannah. So you have to make our own call on this one, I prefer Seaman. John and Hannah had 9 children from 1653 to 1667. Click on wife and children below to view.

I Have an Ohio Society Family Group Sheet showing John Carman born 7-8-1632 in Lynn, Mass. married to Hannah Seaman in 1660 and he died 1684, Hempstead, L.I. This information was from Earle Park Carman, 250 Anniversary of John and Florence Carman, 4 Nov. 1881 and 300 Reunion of Carmans at St. Clairsville, Ohio.